Aligning at the global top ground for skin care technologyAbsorbing the essence of Switzerland’s dermatology

Energizing skin revitalization

LA'PASTORA science-based spot-fading brand from Switzerland

17 years of dedicated research
Products that excel in spot fading and skin whitening
Safeguarding flawless skin for every woman

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LA’PASTOR originated from Switzerland, a country that is famous for skin care based on cutting-edge technology. It is a science-based spot-fading and whitening brand founded by Prof. Matteo, an authoritative dermatologist from Switzerland, over nearly 17 years of dedicated research on chloasma treatment. Under the 5D standards for the clinical research of biology and dermatology, LA’PASTOR - Swiss 5D Chloasma Dissolver is so far one of the best examples of chloasma treatment technology globally with its veritable effect of fading chloasma in a scientific and safe way.With a deep understanding of women’s pursuit of beauty, LA’PASTOR wins customers with high quality and builds up the brand with originality. It is dedicated to freeing hundreds of millions of women from the hassle of dark spots and bringing flawless skin to themSEE MORE

Switzerland 5 d dissolve freckleLA’PASTOR - Swiss 5D Chloasma Dissolver

The world’s top chloasma-dissolving technology
Initiating a new era of chloasma treatment
Innovation empowered by technology · Beautifying skin through revitalization
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